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Betrayal Cheat Sheet SC Trade




Strongbox Rolling

Flask Affixes
Flask Cheat Sheet

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Leveling Map

Archnemesis Rewards
Archnemesis Rewards

Previous Sheets
Archnemesis Recipes
Archnemesis Recipes

Vendor Recipes (3.17 Challenge)
Vendor Recipe Challenges - 3.17

Archnemesis Recipes MindMap
Archnemesis Recipes
Betrayal Old
Betrayal Cheat Sheet 318
Betrayal Cheat Sheet 317

3.19 Links
    * Kalandra page -- Expansion page
    * Content Update 3.19.0 Patch Notes -- patch notes
    *  3.19.0 Gem Changes -- gems
    *  Analyzing Builds for Bait -- Build Analysis Tips 
   Atlas Passive Trees
    * Early League Map Prog -- 3.19 Viable (same as 3.17,3.18) (video)

Misc. Links
    * PoE Wiki -- The updated wiki

   Data Resources
    * PoE Ninja -- Economic and build overview including live updates, historical data, and confidence indicators
    * PoE Ninja Builds -- Build portion of PoE Ninja that allows a search of the highest level players (or streamers) builds
    * PoE Antiquary -- Review item prices across leagues; useful for build planning
    * PoE How -- Snapshots of profitibility for specific content
    * PoE Db -- Database of mechanics, enemies, skills, items, modifiers, etc.
    * PoE Lab -- Daily guides for the Labyrinth
    * Hideout Showcase -- Place to share and find hideouts for import/export
    * PoE Vault -- Useful site of builds and mechanics explanations by Icy Veins
    * PathOfMatth Casual Exile -- PathOfMatth's Casual Exile series googledoc with leveling guides and tips
    * PoE University -- Zizaran teaches players about the game
    * Lore -- Lore Compilation thread on reddit by u/justathetan
    * Googledoc of Cheatsheets 3.16 -- Slightly outdated cheatsheets doc
   Online Utils
    * -- Item Filter generation and management
    * Passive Tree Planner -- Passive Tree Planner
    * Atlas Passive Tree Planner -- Atlas Passive Tree Planner
    * Looty (Chrome ext) -- Search your full stash through a better interface in Chrome   
    * Vorici Chromatic Calculator -- Calculate the optimal method of coloring your gear
    * Craft Of Exile -- Crafting calculator, simulation, emulation, and appraisal
    * Aura Calculator -- Calculator for reservation efficiency
    * The Forbidden Trove discord -- Trading community for all sorts of content
    * Better PathOfExile Trading (Chrome ext) -- Enhances the poe trade site and provides bookmarking 
    * Gwennen Search String Generator -- Search string generator for Expedition gambling
    * Crafting Recipe Tracker -- Crafting recipe tracker
    * Grinding Zone Link site -- Links to many of the items on this page and more.
    * Blight Oil Tool -- Calculator to look up and see available oil anointments for your oils
    * Search String Generator -- Generate an in-game search string quickly
    * Labbie -- Check Lab prices

    * Path of Building -- The Powerful build planner for PoE
    * Awakened PoE Trade -- Trade Macro with lots of useful keybinds and in-game pricing  
    * Exilence Next -- Calculate your characters net worth including inventory and stash tabs
    * Chaos Recipe Enhancer -- Helps with using the chaos recipe in your stash

   Official Sites
    * Path Of Exile Forums -- Official Forums
    * Path Of Exile Trade -- Official Trade site
    * reddit/pathofexile -- Main reddit
    * reddit/pathofexilebuilds -- Builds Reddit

    * Baeclast Tarke, Grimro, CaptainLance, Ziggydlive
    * Fated Connections CatmasterOP
    * Baited Expectations piebypie, KittenCatNoodle, Brittleknee, Velyna

Previous League
    * Content Update 3.18.0 Patch Notes -- patch notes
    * Sentinel Items on PoE DB -- Uniques, Items, Gems, Mods
    * Sentinel Mechanic Walkthrough -- Sentinel Mechanics (Grimro)
    * Sentinel Baeclast w/ Chris Wilson -- May 9, 2022 @ 2:30pm PDT
    * Content Update 3.17.0 Patch Notes -- patch notes
    * Early League Map Prog -- Grimro's initial Atlas tree for Map Progression and base map juice (video)
    * Grimro's ATLAS MIN MAXING -- Builds and tips (video)
    * Archnemesis Items on PoE DB -- Uniques, Items, Gems, Mods
    * Archnemesis Combinations -- Recipes for the Archnemesis Mechanic
    * Archnemesis Reward Calculator -- Calculate what is required to receive a desired reward

    Please leave feedback in my reddit thread or create a new GitHub issue.
    You can find a roadmap / wishlist of features in the Readme.

  * /u/MysticReddit (Michaelangel007) for the d2_cheat_sheet as reference and inspiration for this cheat sheet.
  * All of the developers of the various tools and sites that are included
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